Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - Founder at CheckSee

About Us

CheckSee provides eyes in every classroom across America. CheckSee is a mobile application developed for high school, college, and university students that compiles the top photos from a school each day based on anonymous voting by their fellow classmates. Students are able to view and “check” other students’ photos from their school through the live feed, a daily popular photo tab, and that day’s “Top 20.” The “Top 20” is a living, breathing depiction of what’s going on at a school, compiling the top photos from previous days and the current day, resetting each day at noon. “Checking” a photo from any of the tabs will boost the photo in the day’s rankings, showing what matters to the students and showing what photos have staying power. Getting a “Top 20” photo will be a source of pride for students as the app also allows students to view the “Top 20” photos from other schools.

CheckSee has five main features: 1) Students take pictures within the app, posting them to their school's live feed and that day’s Popular tab; 2) Pictures are up-voted or down-voted anonymously by that school’s users; 3) The day’s pictures are arranged by vote count in the Popular tab; 4) Each day, the 10 most “checked” pictures from the Popular tab are added to the “Top 20” tab, and the lowest 10 in the “Top 20” drop out; 5) Students can search other schools to see their Top 20s.

CheckSee provides a few important differentiating features that address users' “pain points” with social media outlets. Unlike other social media apps, there are no “followers” on CheckSee. Instead, users share with all participating classmates. This promotes school spirit and involvement, while getting rid of "follower anxiety”. Enabling users to “like” and “dislike” photos anonymously creates an honest poll of a day's pictures and also helps reduce “like-count anxiety.” In addition, all pictures are removed daily, which takes away the clutter of months and years of posts, and makes every day a fresh opportunity for users to post great new pics.

Job Description

CheckSee needs a CTO. We are looking for someone to make a few small updates to the app before launch, manage upkeep post-launch, and lead our hiring process for additional programmers as we grow.

Right now the minimum viable product of the app is about 95% developed. The app's remaining work is fixing a bug in the sign up form, and making a few simple color/design changes.

The freelance programmer we had been working with got a promotion at their job so we decided to part ways. They were also not very experienced, so the pace we would make fixes and updates to the app were not quite satisfactory. We spent a lot of time backtracking and/or guessing and checking the code. Once the app is launched we can't afford taking days or weeks to make small fixes. That is why it's vital we have a Technical Founder in place before we go live.

An ideal candidate for the position is a strong leader, creative thinker, someone proficient in Objective-C/Swift, and Java, and someone who works well with a team. The app is currently only on iOS, written in Objective-C, but we would like to add Android asap. In the beginning, the majority of the responsibility will be programming the final updates to get our iOS build to market. Post-launch, the focus will be on fixing bugs and making updates. With a solid rate of user acquisition, we will be able to raise additional capital to get people paid, and attract talent to the company. This is when the position's focus will shift once more to building a dynamic development team.