Tech Cofounder at Flowerfox


You build stuff. Really good stuff. You’re a full stack developer with a holistic approach, not wedded to one solution. You're a problem solver and will work with the tech stack that solves the problem best. You’re a nerd but you speak human and the thought of being part of a team doesn't terrify you. You understand that what you're building is much more than just the code and has the potential to innovate an entire industry. And you will make strategic decisions about the future of the product to ensure it does just that.

Flowerfox Founder Fun Facts: 

  • Do you get paid? Ha, you’re funny. We're a startup, no one gets paid. Not yet anyway, although you will get equity in what has a very good chance of being a high growth business in a $105 billion industry. 
  • Do you need to be in Melbourne? Yes. I tried the long distance thing…it doesn't work 
  • Do you need to be full time? Nope, it’s totally flexible to start with. You could fit it in around a full or part time job however the aim is to become full time when we start selling all of the flowers and making all of the money.

If you're interested in finding out more, get in touch and let's go for a coffee.

About Us

Flowerfox is Australia's first online flower marketplace and is now live in Melbourne!

We partner with contemporary, boutique florists so customers can buy unique creations directly from them, at prices they decide. No more dated catalogue arrangements and no more mark ups. Buying direct from a local florist ensures customers are getting the best value for money and the freshest flowers that will last for longer. 

Flowerfox is changing the way people buy flowers online. We're about simplifying the buying experience for customers and giving them peace of mind that they’re getting what they paid for. We're about supporting local businesses and bringing the artistry back into floristry. We're about being fair, being fun and making buying flowers better.