Technical CoFounder at SeeThru

What we are looking for

SeeThru is seeking a talented engineer who will be able to lead our technical teams. This person should be highly skilled in frontend and backend development. BLOCKCHAIN is a plus. The ideal candidate is highly interested in changing the existing healthcare system in the U.S. and around the world!

At SeeThru we look for a few core values: natural intelligence, grit, team player, commitment, honesty, passion for doing good and bringing massive positive change to this world, adventurous spirit, and a sense of humor. Especially for a founding team, we strongly believe that personality supersedes raw skills. People can grow their knowledge and improve their technical or business abilities. However, it’s difficult change someone’s inner being. We want to work with and invest in GOOD, SMART PEOPLE.

If this sounds like you, please join us!

About Us

The SeeThru platform is a decentralized ecosystem designed to minimize the role of intermediaries in healthcare services and return lost value to patients and providers. The main thesis is that healthcare today is unsustainable — the system is designed in favor of the middlemen who extract fees from services that should be commoditized. By creating an open blockchain network that can directly connect patients and providers, insurance and billing companies can no longer play gatekeeper.

SeeThru is aiming for cost savings, transparency, and more control over first party data.

Americans pay too much for healthcare and don’t get enough from the system. On average, we are spending $10,000 per person annually. In the last 10 years out-of-pocket spending alone has risen over 230%.

Today in the U.S., patient out-of-pocket spending - this is additional money to costs covered by insurance - totals nearly $500 billion and is expected to reach $608 billion by 2019 according to CMS. Medical expenses is the number one reason why Americans file for personal bankruptcy. 

On the other side of the coin, providers are only collecting 35-40% of billed services and according to McKinsey & Company revenue cycle inefficiencies accounted for 15% of the $3.5 trillion national healthcare spend last year. Simply put, patients are emptying their bank accounts to pay for healthcare they are not receiving and doctors are not getting fully compensated for the care they are providing. 

The SeeThru platform offers a technology enabled free market approach to solving this issue in totality. SeeThru is a blockchain ecosystem that is changing the world of healthcare payments, price transparency, and personal medical records. The solution increases patient health savings and grows provider revenue, while driving down the cost of care, through our cryptocurrency, Transparium. 

SeeThru brings patients the sorely needed value-based consumer experience found in every other industry. This ecosystem has global implications and aims to democratize healthcare around the world.