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Based on: Barcelona, Spain

Created: Apr 07, 2018

Compensation: 34.0K / 46.0K

Equity: 10.0% - 25.0%


At Beetrend we are working on hiring a lead developer who will take part in building our Saas platform. We’re looking for a CTO to join the management team who understands how to apply cryptography to problems and a strong understanding and interest in Blockchain technology .
Ruby blockchain c++ python

Based on: San Diego, US

Created: Mar 20, 2018

Compensation: 0.0K / 0.0K

Equity: 0.0% - 0.0%


Alpha Fiber will be a biotechnology company headquartered in San Diego, CA. I have a PhD in neuroscience (brain injury, MRI physics) and I am creating a data driven-company to solve a public health crisis in neuroscience using current LIDAR and camera tracking modalities.
LIDAR RADAR c++ python

Based on: Telangana, India

Created: Mar 01, 2018

Compensation: 5.0K / 5.0K

Equity: 1.5% - 1.5%


Utrum is a decentralized and incentivized platform for Crypto Reviews, Analysis, and Market Predictions, powered by crowd wisdom and Artificial Intelligence. It is a network that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts. Contributors can earn $OOT tokens as rewards for their reviews, ratings, and analysis.
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