Showing Projects Based On Technology: Java

Based on: Kansas City, US

Created: Apr 22, 2018

Compensation: 1.0K / 2.0K

Equity: 10.0% - 15.0%


CheckSee provides eyes in every classroom across America. CheckSee is a mobile application developed for high school, college, and university students that compiles the top photos from a school each day based on anonymous voting by their fellow classmates. Students are able to view and “check” other students’ photos from their school through the live feed, a daily popular photo tab, and that day’s “Top 20.”
Android IOS Java

Based on: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Created: Apr 15, 2018

Compensation: 0.0K / 0.0K

Equity: 2.0% - 10.0%


We're looking for quick, startup-style CTO who want to be part of a product that is going to change the world and disrupt economies.
Java mongodb nodejs

Based on: Paris, France

Created: Apr 03, 2018

Compensation: 0.0K / 0.0K

Equity: 25.0% - 25.0%


Nous proposons actuellement une solution aux médias traditionnels pour leur permettre de commander et récupérer des contenus exclusifs produits par leurs lecteurs. Un test avec plusieurs grands médias français est planifié, avec une perspective rapide de déploiement de notre solution.
Java TypeScript mongodb nodejs

Based on: Vienna, Austria

Created: Feb 15, 2018

Compensation: 0.0K / 0.0K

Equity: 5.0% - 15.0%


Our initiative is dedicated to help solving global issues by transforming them into disruptive business cases. Our latest project is concerned with the prevention of human trafficking and minimizing the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The value proposition is to create a platform and to provide incentives for sex workers around the globe for safe execution of their profession. We have identified that the root cause of most problems associated with sex work lies in a social stigma toward the participants, leading to a contradicting discrepancy between the need for privacy and trustworthiness. The solution we offer provides anonymized but verifiable KYC compliance, professional health certification and Proof of Consent stored on the Blockchain.
Java Redux git reactjs